Are you worried about a

skin problem? 

With SnapDoc you can receive a quick, anonymous, cost-effective (24,95€) assessment of your skin problem by a board-certified dermatologist from Germany.

Thanks to their recommendations, you will also know what to do next.

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Our Online-Dermatologists

Prof. Dr. Alexander H. Enk

Head of the University Hospital Heidelbergs’ Department of Dermatology (Germany). Local Scientific Advisor at SnapDoc.


Dr. med. Wiebke Sondermann

Attending dermatologist at the University Hospital in Essen, Germany. Head of the external scientific evaluation of SnapDoc.

Dr. med. Benjamin Durani

Board-certified dermatologist in Heidelberg with more than 20 years of practical experience. Head of the team of online Dermatologists at SnapDoc.

Your benefits

✓ Fast, anonymous and inexpensive (24,95 €) specialist assessment for skin problems and sexual-transmittable-diseases (STD).

✓ All dermatologists at SnapDoc have at least 10 years of practical experience and are board-certified in Germany.

✓ About 80% of our patients can be treated with over the counter medication and save the trip to a doctors office.

✓ 20% require further examinations or treatments and usually receive an accelerated doctor’s appointment within one week of presentation of their report instead of waiting the average 60 days.

✓ Answer of a board-certified dermatologist to your photo & text submission in usually less than 60 minutes.

✓ Developed by German dermatologists. SnapDoc is 100% made in Germany. 

✓ Committed to external quality assurance and scientific evaluation.

✓ Read how our satisfied patients rate SnapDoc in the AppStore or PlayStore.

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Fast and reliable!

The findings came that same evening within two hours. This is a thousand times better than the analogue way with appointment, waiting room etc.. The diagnosis is the same as that of the resident doctor. Indispensable for working people (Why is this only now?) and for privately insured self-payers even cheaper than going to the doctor.
Even the technical support is great: A display error was fixed with an app update at the weekend. It couldn’t be better.
I would also like to see such an app for other medical fields.

Stefan Dierkes

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Better at last!

Had caught a fungal infection and first tried out a lot – without success – not despondent, asked the SnapDoc and now finally no more itching over a freely saleable ointment… THANK YOU!

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Super innovative App!

Clear and concise 🙂 This is a great alternative at times when you often have to wait months for a doctor’s visit, especially to a dermatologist.


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Online Dermatologist – SnapDoc was conceived in cooperation between doctors and scientists from the National Center for Tumor Diseases and the University Clinic Heidelberg (Department of Dermatology) in Germany and implemented by the local technology company Smart Health Heidelberg GmbH. At SnapDoc, only board-certified dermatologists from Heidelberg with at least 10 years of clinical experience will assess your skin problem. SnapDoc is 100% made in Germany and the only online dermatologist service in Germany approved by a state medical association. You can send in information and photos of your skin problem via the SnapDoc Apps for Android & iPhones as well as via the web form for reporting. Within a few hours (maximum 24h) you will receive a qualified assessment of what it is. Thanks to the recommended action, you will also know what you can do about your skin problem. About 80% of our patients no longer need to go to the doctor. The platform is continuously improved and optimized by both an internal and an external scientific evaluation. On this page you will find more information about the people behind SnapDoc.