Online Dermatologist – SnapDoc was conceived in cooperation between doctors and scientists from the National Center for Tumor Diseases and the University Clinic Heidelberg (Department of Dermatology) in Germany and implemented by the local technology company Smart Health Heidelberg GmbH. At SnapDoc, only board-certified dermatologists from Heidelberg with at least 10 years of clinical experience will assess your skin problem. SnapDoc is 100% made in Germany and the only online dermatologist service in Germany approved by a state medical association. You can send in information and photos of your skin problem via the SnapDoc Apps for Android & iPhones as well as via the web form for reporting. Within a few hours (maximum 24h) you will receive a qualified assessment of what it is. Thanks to the recommended action, you will also know what you can do about your skin problem. About 80% of our patients no longer need to go to the practice. The platform is continuously improved and optimized by both an internal and an external scientific evaluation. On this page you will find more information about the people behind SnapDoc.


Dr. med. Titus J. Brinker

Head of App Development, National Center for Tumor Diseases
Dermatologist at the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital of Heidelberg
Managing Director, Smart Health Heidelberg GmbH
69120 Heidelberg

“Quality assured teledermatological treatment is particularly practicable in rural regions and can lead to a relevant additional benefit in care. Technology that enables anonymous access to this care is the better choice from a data protection perspective and reduces barriers for patients with skin and venereal diseases.”


Scientific advisory board

Prof. Dr. Alexander H. Enk
Medical Director
University Dermatology Clinic
69120 Heidelberg

Teledermatology opens up great opportunities for more efficient patient care and, due to its high degree of innovation, offers a pioneering and exemplary function for further telemedical applications in other areas.


Prof. Dr. Jochen Sven Utikal

Head of the Clinical Cooperation Unit Dermato-Oncology of the DKFZ
Clinic for Dermatology, Venerology and Allergology
University Medicine Mannheim
68167 Mannheim, Germany

It is time that dermatological care research in Germany is dedicated to the potential of teledermatology – not only in theory but also in practical application. As a research-oriented platform AppDoc manages to reflect this aspect.


 Prof. Dr. Christof von Kalle

Head of the Department of Translational Oncology
Managing Director emeritus
National Center for Tumor Diseases
69120 Heidelberg

The testing of digital systems for patient care will play a decisive role in the field of telemedicine both for the well-being of patients and for technological and economic competence.

External scientific evaluation

Dr. med. Wiebke Sondermann
Attending, Clinic for Dermatology
University Hospital Essen
45147 Food

Patients should have the opportunity to obtain a qualified initial opinion without long waiting times.